Published Works

Monster Face on Published WorksThe Coogan Curse

The killer stalking Coogan County might not be human.
What’s worse, it might not even be alive.

Successful young prosecutor Kurt McBride visits his hometown wanting only to settle his late parents’ estate and hurry back to the fast lane in Chicago. Instead he walks straight into a love affair and a murder rampage. Certain he cannot trust his new-love’s safety to the locals, he postpones his departure and tries to ferret out the marauder and help bring him, or it, to justice.

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Flight on Published worksFlight to Avoid

Once a defender of law and order,
now Kurt McBride must hide from it.

Chicago Assistant Prosecutor Kurt McBride knows the fate of law enforcers in prison: unbearable for him. So when he finds himself accused of murder, he must take flight. With false identification and altered appearance, he finds refuge amidst the small, year-round population of Washington Island, Wisconsin. He meets and forges a relationship with a young woman to whom he confesses his true identity. He gains credibility and respect from neighbors. He solves a local murder case. He stays under the radar of the authorities. Then Chicago police uncover more damning evidence against him, the FBI is called in and searchers converge on Northeast Wisconsin. Cornered, Kurt and his new lover must sneak back into Chicago and, under the noses of the very people who most want him captured, search for his wife’s real killer.

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Car Afire on Published WorksA Vanishing of Divas

Most 1960s rebels have outlived their sins.
For others, it’s time to pay.

Women across the country, all coeds at Northwestern U. in the 1960s, are disappearing without a trace. Successful young attorney Kurt McBride signs on to find out why. His pursuit of and escape from the abductor takes him from Chicago to small town Nebraska to the Sonoran Desert. Bruised and battered, he gathers all the pieces to the culprit’s identity… but will anyone believe him?

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Shadowy Woman and Man on Summer ExcerptA Summer Out of Time

Forces from afar have shattered Toby’s life.
Now he’s just another stranger,
struggling to survive in his own home town.

Toby Noble takes his life for granted: his loving family, his countless friends, his upcoming college days, even his intimacy with the most sought-after girl in town. He has no idea how much it all means to him—until everything, save his own being, vanishes. Then, in a flash of lightning he is a stranger to everyone and everything in town. The people he knew are gone; the places he knew have either changed or disappeared.
In a state of near-shock, he stumbles into Cathy, a beautiful teenage girl who wants to help.
Despite recurring doubts and fears, Cathy and her parents attempt to help him recover his memory and move on with his life. As that process stalls at nearly every turn, Toby realizes what he must do to survive: either find the old life for which he still grieves or expose the demons now terrorizing Blue River and prove their guilt to a skeptical community.

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NadineLyleThe Secret on Riverwind Road

Only two young lovers stand
between a mysterious, dark-skinned boy
and the electric chair.

Lyle Kincaid comes home from college with two goals for the summer: finally winning the love of his childhood sweetheart and joining his neighbors in sending a rapist-murderer to the electric chair. Then Nadine Lopez, the Mexican beauty whom Lyle has adored all his life, shares with him a secret known only to one other white man: a secret about who she really is, where she really lives and an extraordinary world that history has overlooked.
That information, along with Nadine’s character and grit, changes everything Lyle knows about the crime, about his hometown and himself.
The two twenty year olds struggle through the summer to rescue an innocent boy from intolerance, injustice and brutality. But even if they succeed, can they then overcome their own conflicting cultural allegiances?

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