Work in Progress

Work in Progress

As most regular visitors know, my new project is “Blood Evidence: A Kurt McBride Mystery.” It’s a full length (70 – 90,000 wds.) novel (or will be) that finds lawyer/investigator McBride defending, in separate cases, an accused rapist, two accused murderers and one accused wife killer. The three situations will, through means initiated by the characters involved, be resolved in no small way by blood evidence from the respective crime scenes. The locales for each case are Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin; Shawano, Wisconsin; and Los Angeles, California.

At this point I have the major characters, motives, conflicts and events developed and plotted. How they will flow together in the finished piece will be determined by the characters’ actions as they progress through the story. I have yet to discover most of those actions.

Next week, now that “The Secret on Riverwind Road” is completed, I will write the introduction to the last of the three cases around which the action of the BLOOD EVIDENCE story proceeds. Weaving the action of the three together—as well as weaving the theme into that action (our culture’s growing disregard for honesty, truth and true justice) looks like the biggest challenge at this point.


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