Flight to Avoid


Fire on Flight Review ExcerptA pounding noise startled him awake on Sunday morning. Somebody at the door? Christ! He stepped into his pants and went barefoot to open the apartment door.

“Morning, Mr. McBride. I’m Detective Mike Rivers, Glenview PD. This is my partner, Dontrell Dooley. Could we come in for a minute?”

Kurt opened the door and stepped aside. “I’ve seen you guys around. You’re homicide, right?”

‘I’m afraid there’s been some trouble, Counselor,” Rivers said. “Your house in Glenview.” He pointed at a chair. “Let’s sit down.”

Kurt dropped onto the sofa. His alcohol-battered nerves made his hands unsteady and the veins in his neck stood out. “My house? What’s goin’ on?”

“Fire,” the detective said.

“It burned down?”

“Completely. Early this morning”

“What about Cindy?”

“A woman’s body was found in the rubble.” Rivers kept his eyes on Kurt’s.

“Ah shit.” Kurt propped his elbows on his knees, bowed his head and laced his fingers together. It took him a moment to gather himself. “But you’re not sure it’s her?”

“Not officially. The M.E. will need dental records, stuff like that, but—”

“My god. My god!” Kurt looked up with a start. “You thinking it was arson? That she was murdered?”

“We have to look at that possibility. You know how it is.”

Kurt stood, suddenly energized. “That goddamn Gillsdorf case!” he spat. “Those dirty sons of bitches!” He pointed at Rivers. “That’s what that bitch meant Friday when she said they knew where I lived. Only they didn’t. And they got Cindy instead!”

“When was the last time you saw your wife?” Detective Dontrell Dooley asked.

“Thursday. She came to my office.”

“Glenview cop says you were at the house last night.” Rivers crossed one leg over the other. “Sat in the driveway till pretty late.”

Kurt sat again, on the edge of a chair. “You’re looking at me for this? At me?”

The lead detective held up one hand. “Like we said, Mr. McBride, we have to check every possibility. It’s nothing personal.”

Kurt scoffed and looked away. “What should have been the greatest weekend of my career turns into a nightmare.”

“We’re sorry about that,” Dooley said. “And we’re sorry for your loss.”

“You know the name of your wife’s dentist?” Rivers asked gently. “X-rays, for the ME… you know.”

“We both go to Kildare Dental on Flagstone Road.”

“Thanks.” Rivers made a note in his tablet. “Will you contact your wife’s family?”

Kurt heaved a sigh, leaned against one wall, and nodded. “I hope they haven’t heard about it on the news.”

“They live in the area?”


Rivers shook his head. “Doubtful the story’s gotten coverage up there yet. And we won’t release her name until tonight.” The two detectives stood almost in sync. “We’ll get in touch when we have more details.”

Dooley asked, “Your cell phone the best way to reach you?”

Kurt nodded. “And my office will know where I am.”?

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Professional Review

Flight to Avoid: A Kurt McBride Mystery

Flight to Avoid is the latest installment of the Kurt McBride Mystery series from author Larry Long. In the new book, Assistant State’s Attorney Kurt McBride is assigned the two-year-old cold case of a Chicago construction worker who was beaten and murdered at a work site. While Kurt employees all of his legal and some illegal tactics to solve the gruesome murder, his personal life implodes and Kurt finds himself running away to salvage his own freedom.

Kurt McBride has never lost a case, but he is unsure about his ability to crack the unsolved Gillsdorf murder. Kurt calls on his friend, Detective Digger Green, to interrogate the witnesses who were working at the construction site the night of the murder. As Kurt and Digger reveal the details of Gillsdorf’s life leading up to the murder, threats from members of the tight knit group of construction workers jeopardize Kurt’s case and put his life in danger.

But it is Kurt’s emotionally distant, workaholic wife, Cindy, who turns out to be the true threat. As the Gillsdorf murder case comes to a close, Kurt is accused of killing his wife. He soon finds himself running from the same justice system that he has spent his career representing. As he hides out on a small island on Lake Michigan, Kurt falls in love with a beautiful, smart young woman and accepts the fact that he must change his habit of running away when things get tough. It’s the only way to get his life back.

This book has all of the drama and intrigue mystery lovers demand. It is sexy and dangerous. The ever changing plots will keep readers engrossed in the story until every puzzle piece of each murder is slipped into place.

Long has created a courageous, intelligent, and likeable character in Kurt McBride. He is flawed, yes, but every step he takes to win a case or clear his own name, elicits support and a quiet cheer. The author does an outstanding job of weaving the facts of Kurt’s past and present into this exciting tale of multiple murders, marital deception, and new love.

Flight to Avoid is an action packed mystery starring the exceptional Kurt McBride. I highly recommend it.

Melissa Brown Levine
for Independent Professional Book Reviewers

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