My Choices

HomePageLarryAs I said, I write mystery/suspense novels because that’s what I like to read. Whether the action is emerging from my head or from the pages of another writer’s novel, it’s fun to step outside my own world and join engaging characters in an exciting adventure—people I like in hell-bent conflict with persons or circumstances I dislike. The resolution may not be what I hope for, but if the story works, it is just.

When I was writing non-fiction and docudramas, the characters, settings and plots were essentially pre-defined for me.

Larry Suit on My ChoicesIn my work as a novelist, I’m free of that constriction. But I also no longer have access to ready-made stories and the persons to enact them. The fleshing out of fiction is the sole province of my imagination.

I was well aware of the axiom “write what you know.” And, in the words of one teacher, “to ring true, fiction must arise from life experience.” At first I thought, “What have I known or experienced that would make an exciting story?”

I recalled events in which I had participated, events I’d learned of through books, movies and TV and events I recalled from history, legends, myths and superstitions.

Larry and Man bottom My ChoicesSure, I had rubbed elbows with celebrities, been privy to secrets of substance, been part of several newsworthy ventures. And I’d visited exciting places.

Those experiences can help populate a story, but they don’t carry one.

So I looked, literally, in my own back yard.

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