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My purpose on this website is to present and promote mystery/suspense novels and short stories—for readers, for writers and for those who might become one or both.

Door Shadow on AboutAs my regular followers know, I write and publish the kind of novels that have delighted me since childhood: stories filled with suspense and intrigue; tales that engage, excite and entertain readers; adventures that involve me in chilling events, with distinct characters in mysterious and threatening settings.

http://www.dreamstime.com/-image1853455…”thy duty is to evoke the reader’s emotions, and in that most of all lies the art of the writer.”
Sol Stein


Summer Cover on About & Summer ExcerptHere’s a snapshot of my only paranormal mystery/suspense novel.

In one moment Toby Noble is reveling in his first summer after high school. In the next, that life is gone. He is an outlander to everyone and everything in his home town. The people he knew are gone; the places once so familiar to him have either changed or disappeared. Strangers suspect him of unspeakable crimes. It’s almost as though he’s in a different dimension, a different universe, a different time. Could that be possible? There must be a way back!

Sound like the kind of story you enjoy reading? The kind of entertainment you look for? Go HERE for an excerpt.

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