Crime fiction, anyone? Mystery, suspense, drama, romance, action?

If you enjoy those features in your reading, check out one of my five novels at any of the online dealers. You might want to start with

The Secret on Riverwind Road

HomePageLarryAuthor of the Kurt McBride series and other mystery/suspense novels.

The Secret on Riverwind Road, an e-novel, is offered by StoneThread Publishing. It and all Larry Long mysteries are available through Amazon,
Smashwords, Barnes & Noble and other quality outlets.

NadineLyleThis young Mexican woman and this young Caucasian man have shared an unspoken love since grade school. Suddenly, without warning, a brutal crime sweeps them together and into the grasp of a secret more consequential than anything either has ever known.

Here’s what one reviewer wrote:

“There are a few things a reader can expect from a Larry Long book: It will be both intriguing and exciting, delve deeply into social issues, and include an unexpected twist.”
Melissa Brown Levine—Writer, Book Reviewer, Manuscript Consultant—Brown Levine Productions

(See “Secret” Page for the complete review.)

All Larry Long mystery/suspense novels are listed here.

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